11 comments on “how to take down the kuwaiti ISPs

  1. Thanks for the nice post! We consumers of the internet, can do a change. For now, people are spreading the word about this problem. Many people replied with anger about this situation and many still have no idea. What we need soon is to gather everyone in one place so they can follow up and be ready for the action that the campaign will take, so we all can partake in the movement. I believe that it’s the goal for the people at http://q8cap.wordpress.com/ to spread the word and keep everyone in one place.

    • from a business point of view this chapter explains that the ISPs have only the government (supplier) as a force to balance. the overall objective here is to create a buyer force so that the ISPs reconsider the net cap policy (news shows that the ISP cartel have defiantly stated that the will NOT back down on the policy)

      therefore you can count on me and the readers of this blog for support. otherwise no more LuLz !! ya hear !?

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  3. After you gather the mass that represents the buyer force, what’s the thing we can all agree to do that will hurt them the most beside the smear and complaint campaigns?

    We all downgrade our speeds by half (8 mb to 4, 4 to 2, 2 to 1) … That should mess up their accounts so bad it goes beyond a dent. Can q8cap blog gather people for this campaign?

    With the caps turned on, it won’t matter for anyone if they cut their speed by half as we all reach even slower speeds by peak time

  4. I Say ! We take their Database Down ! OR we change their database and play with them ! muahahah :D Srsly dude ! We should do something ! to this shithole !

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