4 comments on “i let my subcounsious out and this is the result

  1. C’mon, now!

    Surely your list of ‘bitches’ is not all encompassing!

    In that case, kindly allow me to submit my ‘examples of bastards’:
    – pansy-ass no backbone bitch bastards.
    – uneducated, culturally-insensitive bastards.
    – boys in men’s clothing bastards.
    – men that can’t differentiate between a woman and his dhaqa6 buddies bastard.

    I think that about sums it all up ;p

    Ps: Neve Cambell – qataltni! Mit min il dhi7ik.

    Good luck, my friend.
    May you find a classy broad that is worthy of the name.

  2. not to belittle ur experience aw shay zay kitha bass i LOLED when the post changed gears, i expected it, lan WTF man akeed fee bitches, a9lan most women i know are bitches *points at a few* anyway u’ll find ur none bitch inshala :* also fe nas matin3a6a wajh zay some of the bitches i know

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