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what better way to sum up someone’s life than by bullet format:

  • new like a middle-boss blogger
  • sheesha aficionado
  • picture hoarder (also known as internet money)
  • like creating/making stuff
  • i love bullet points
  • suffering from AHD (Anti-Habbah Disorder): if you have it i won’t
  • lovable pervert
  • music lover
  • extra bullet point

you can reach me using


13 comments on “About

  1. now AHD is a serious disorder! If people are buying iPhones that means u won’t get one?!mac book, u wont @@?! hhmmm what if they’re buying nike or lacoste shoes! does that mean u won’t the smae shoes or what?!

    I wonder if i hv an instituion here in q8 to treat that disorder :P

    Keep up the good work ;)

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